Delphinai Corporation / STAR Informatics

Intelligence for Scientific Research

STAR (Services & Tools for Advanced Research) Informatics is a division of Delphinai Corporation with dedicated natural and computational scientists designing information systems helping the scientific research community manage and interpret the exponentially growing global repository of biomedical knowledge, to empower 21st century personalised medicine developing novel effective treatments to disease and optimise human health.

What We Offer

At STAR Informatics, we have highly skilled team of dedicated professionals to take care of your projects.

We are focused on the delivery of cutting edge scientific software and database systems for diverse projects applying state-of-art information technology to solve scientific research challenges.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide clients high-quality scientific software. No matter which specific discipline or type of data, we pride ourselves on providing high quality professional outcomes enhancing biomedical research and development productivity. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

Contact Us

2276 French Rd N, Sooke, British Columbia, Canada V9Z 0M3,